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How To Make Money Online Guide 2018

There are different ways to make money online.  I’ll mention a few methods to make money online on this post and also feel free to browse my previous posts.

To generate income online, you need to have a product or service to offer.  You can work for someone or you can just join a program to make money online at your own paced without working for someone.

Legit Ways To Make Money Online

  1. Homebased Online Job: You need find a job online by submitting your resume to different job board sites.  Create your account on these sites . , , , .
  2. Homebased Online Business: It takes time to find a job online because there are just too many people who are looking for an online job and it’s difficult to compete specially if they have more experience than you.  While looking for an online job, you have to start learning how to generate income online by just using a computer and internet.

When you start learning how to make money online or how to start an internet business, you’re already on your way to upgrading your skills.

You’ll have to invest in your skills first.  It takes time and money to make money online but the good thing is you don’t  need a large investment to get started.

One of the best program to get started is Wealthy Affiliate.  Enroll as a premium member and finish the full course.  6 months or more into the program and you’ll have your own website that generates income passively provided that you finish their course and the tasks after each of the lessons within the program.

They currently have a promo so you might as well check it here Promo Offer


  1. UPWORK.COM (You find many projects here)
  2. ONLINEJOBS.PH (apply for projects/job here)
If you’re from Philippines, register for a free account.  You can use this for bills payment and earn unlimited referral fee.  You just need a valid I.D. to get verified.  >>CODE 5wnjjb (PH ONLY)   EARN INSTANT CASH.  This is only available in Philippines.  You can earn bitcoin, pay bills, eload, and do other stuff with this app.  If you don’t have it yet, then create your account now.  They also have referral program.




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