List of Online Job Websites

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Online Job Websites

online job websites

There are many online job websites for freelancers and online workers.  We’ve listed a few of these online job sites on this post.  There will be more on our future posts. Register and make sure to upload your resume on our website so that you’ll have a chance to be shortlisted in the future. :  Create an impressive profile on upwork, include your past experiences, portfolios and past employer’s testimonials.  Use all your 60 connects ( you can apply for up to 30 times in a month).  Apply and use all your connects until you get a job or project at upwork.  Make sure to over deliver so that you’ll get high rating from your employer.  You’ll get more projects once you gain experience. :  You can find a lot of part time and full time online jobs here.  Send multiple applications.  Most of the time, you won’t get any response on your first few applications. Same process, create your profile and browse various jobs.

Other job sites will be included on our future posts.

You can also use your payoneer card to receive payment if you’re currently doing affiliate marketing.  Amazon, Peerfly, Envato, etc.  You’ll learn more about these in our future posts.

Make your profile impressive and also make sure that when you send proposals to clients, let them know that you are the right person for the job.  Develop your skills because clients prefer to work with job seekers who are expert and skilled to carry out various tasks.

Set aside time to learn WordPress, SEO, article writing, lead generation strategies, email marketing, blogging, web development, telemarketing, online support  Etc.  You don’t need to learn all these skills but it would help you tremendously if you have knowledge on these areas.  We’ll include these topics on our future posts.  Make sure to bookmark our site or like our page.

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